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5 ways to safely enjoy wildlife

You may think that keeping a safe distance from wildlife is just about your safety, but their welfare also plays a big part in why its not safe to approach wild animals. You can place an animal in grave danger by touching, feeding, or getting…

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Kayak Paddles

A simple guide to choosing a kayak paddle

After finding the right kayak, the next step is choosing a kayak paddle. There are kayak paddles designed for all sorts of kayak adventures, from whitewater kayaking to placid lake water kayaking. Most likely, your paddle will be in your hands the whole time you’re…

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Why hikers should avoid muddy trails

Spring is finally here. Though, perhaps not according to the weather in some areas of the country where it could be 55° and sunny one day, and a storm warning the next. Unfortunately, this back and forth can wreak havoc on mountain trails, and hikers…

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Phone Battery

6 simple hacks to extend your phone’s battery life

Battery anxiety is a common thing to suffer from where you’re in the middle of nowhere, with no nearby outlets to plug in and charge your phone. Smartphones have certainly made our lives easier, but they are particularly power hungry and can suck your battery…

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Natural Wonders

Explore the world’s most colorful natural wonders

The world around us is brimming with color, and while you may think of vibrant towns when you think of brightly colored locations, mother nature has lots of offerings of her own. From pink lakes to seemingly paint-filled hot springs, there are plenty of statement-making…

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Trekking Poles

Trekking poles: exploring the pros and cons

Hike often enough and you’ll encounter people using trekking poles, which are the durable and lightweight evolution of the walking stick. As with most things, there’s a debate on whether trekking poles are worth it. Some hikers swear by them and others wouldn’t be caught…

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Surfing Towns

World’s best surf towns

Excellent surf towns are more than places with fantastic breaks; they are the sum of its parts. These towns not only offer some of the best surfing around the world, but they also have a vibrant community, great food, and good vibes. All of them…

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