How to attach trekking poles to your backpack

We’ve explored the pros of trekking poles before; how they can improve your balance on uneven trails, help protect your knees, and improve your posture, allowing you to breathe easier.    Still, if you’ve decided to start using a trekking pole, you may be left… More »


Gear list: wild swimming essentials

Some days, there’s nothing better than heading out for a swim in the great outdoors. Unlike at your local pool, there’s no walls or lanes to constrict you, and you get to be at one with nature while the often-cold temperatures challenge you both physically… More »


Why hikers should avoid muddy trails

Spring is finally here. Though, perhaps not according to the weather in some areas of the country where it could be 55° and sunny one day, and a storm warning the next. Unfortunately, this back and forth can wreak havoc on mountain trails, and… More »