How to prepare for cold-water surfing | ActionHub

How to prepare for cold-water surfing

Just because the temperatures are starting to drop, doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite sport. Now is the perfect time for you to try out cold-water surfing, a sport that initially became popular as surfers sought quieter locations where they wouldn’t… More »

Fall gear guide | ActionHub

2017 Fall gear guide

As the days get shorter and the temperatures continue to go down, we make different considerations when buying our gear. Temperature rating and wind protection, as well as waterproofing, become main factors. Layers become your best friend as the temperatures during the day are so different from… More »

The Ten Essentials, explained | ActionHub

The Ten Essentials, explained

A good habit to have is to always pack the Ten Essentials whenever you head out into the backcountry, even if it’s just a simple day hike. While it’s true that you will probably only use a few of them on a routine trip, you’ll definitely… More »

Surviving bear attacks | ActionHub

Surviving bear attacks

Anyone that spends time in the backcountry is almost inevitably going to run into a bear at some point. Typically, bears tend to shy away from people, and they are not prone to attack. If a bear does attack you, chances are, you have startled them, or… More »