Top zip lines worth to travel to | ActionHub

Top zip lines to travel to

Few simple things can give you such an adrenaline high and a fun ride as a zip line. Historically, zip lines were created out of function, as they were used to deliver goods across distances mountainous countries. It wasn’t until the 70s when some… More »

On the pursuit of happiness? Head outdoors! | ActionHub

On the pursuit of happiness? Head outdoors!

Many studies have examined the hypothesis that our well-being is boosted by spending time outdoors, but until now, not a lot was known about how our “momentary subjective well-being”, as researchers call how you feel-in-the-moment was affected by being outside. Collecting such fleeting… More »

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How to: Hanging a bear bag | ActionHub

How to: Hanging a bear bag

Keeping your food safe from bears is a must if you are going to be camping out in bear country. To keep your food and campsite safe, you have two options: a bear canister, where you can store your food, or a bear hang,… More »

Bucket List Trips: Antelope Canyon | ActionHub

Bucket list trips: Antelope Canyon

Regularly featured on almost all “X Places You Need To See Before You Die” lists, Antelope Canyon is a stunning place. Antelope Canyon lies just outside Page, Arizona, partially in the Navajo Nation. If you are planning to visit Antelope Canyon (which we can’t recommend enough),… More »