16 extreme sports to try in Latin America | ActionHub

16 extreme sports to try in Latin America

Latin America is an unexplored paradise awaiting all adrenaline junkies. If you’re looking for active and unique experiences that won’t break the bank, stunning photography opportunities, and fascinating cultures, Latin America has you covered as the ultimate extreme sports playground. We’ve put together… More »

Best natural energy bar alternatives | ActionHub

Best natural energy bar alternatives

We all know that there are plenty of benefits to having a snack on hand while on long bike rides, hikes, or runs. It’s absolutely vital to keep up your energy levels so you can maintain your performance and be able to finish your outdoor adventure.   The… More »

5 Best survival apps | ActionHub

5 Best survival apps

A lot of us are under the false impression that technology and survival situations don’t mix. While there are some essential survival skills that are a must for you to know and remember before heading out into the wilderness, technology can be your best friend in a… More »