If you’re pulled to the mountains, not just for work or play, but to live, it’s time to take Action. If the rapids streaming through lush valleys is your idea of beauty, it’s time to take Action. If the roof over your head is made of nylon instead of shingles, it’s time to take Action.

ActionHub is a premier online destination for outdoor enthusiasts who pour themselves into outdoor fun and adventure though camping, hiking, mountain sports, water sports, and so much more. Our writers have spent their lives lured to the outdoors and exploring and enjoying everything it has to offer. We respect and nurture this community … we are Heights. Cameras. Action.

Managing Editor

ryan tipps

Managing Editor Ryan Tipps ([email protected]) is an avid hiker, backpacker and trail runner living along Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Travel and adventures drive Ryan’s interests — he has camped amid the howling wolves in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, backpacked solo in Shenandoah National Park, captained a Ragnar Relay in 2019, spent 24 hours on a beach in Tel Aviv reading Kerouac’s “The Dharma Bums” cover to cover, hiked into the wee hours on Runde Island in Norway to see puffins, and traversed suspension bridges in Costa Rican cloud forests, just to name a few of the most exciting adventures.

Ryan has also been a certified member of Virginia’s search and rescue system since 2005, currently functioning as a field team leader and as his team’s public information officer.

As an experienced and award-winning writer and editor in both the print and digital space, Ryan has spent many of the past few years spearheading AGDAILY, a fast-growing and popular news site focused on agriculture. He brings that kind of energy and purpose to ActionHub.

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