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How to Choose a Hydration System for Longer Hikes

Water is heavy, and it’s not practical to carry a lot on long hikes, so having a good hydration filtration or purification system handy is imperative   Whether you’re a seasoned long-distance hiker or new to long-distance hiking, you’ll need to make sure you stay…

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How to Choose the Best Hiking Backpack

Knowing how to choose the best hiking backpack for your adventure is tough. There are so many options to be found online and in stores.   Although some hikers have a favorite go-to hiking backpack to use when they’re out on the trails, there’s a…

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Review: LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

This LuminAID PackLite helps to bring modern convenience to the outdoors   As a long-time fan of the TV show Shark Tank, I’ve seen hundreds of people pitch their products to investors. And I’ve been fascinated by a lot of those products. But when an…

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hiking poles

Know the Pros and Cons of Using Hiking Poles

Hiking poles may be a good addition to your next hike, but like any piece of gear, they require proper technique and knowledge Hiking poles (also called trekking poles, walking poles or hiking sticks) may give you the extra confidence and stability you need while…

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flint stick spark

Start Your Next Campfire with a Magnesium Flint Stick

There are several perks to using magnesium flint sticks for starting a campfire, plus knowing how to do that is a great outdoor skill to have Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, a campground or in your backyard with your kids, your campfire is likely…

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