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Purify and Filter Water on the Go

If you’re planning on hiking light then knowing how to properly treat water is essential Water sources can look great, but they’re not all necessarily safe, and they can leave you feeling very unwell if not treated correctly through purification or filtration! Contamination can happen…

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liquid fuel stove

Choose the Best Portable Camp Stove

Finding the best portable camp stove for your overnight wilderness trip can mean the difference because a fun or a dud outing    If you’re someone who loves to come back to a hot meal and a warm drink after a day exploring the wilderness,…

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Work Out Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

There are lots of things that get in the way of a workout, but your mindset shouldn’t be one of them Guilt mixed with frustration. That’s the feeling that lingers when you miss another workout that you promised yourself you would. But why didn’t you workout?…

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marathon running

Optimize Your Running Performance with a Burst of Caffeine

While caffeine has well-regarded mental health benefits, it’s also a poorly kept secret that top-performing athletes use it to help with physical performance. Bigger. Faster. Stronger. That’s the mantra that many elite athletes live by, and they’ll do almost anything that it takes them there.…

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Where to go surfing in Oregon

Willing to give the cold Pacific waters a shot? Oregon may not be as well known for its waves as some places, but it’s definitely got a few great options for beginners looking to develop their wave-sliding skills.  We take a look at some of…

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Planning your visit to Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park, located just 60 miles south of Seattle in Washington state, has been ranked the 10th best national park in the world. So, if you’re planning to visit, we don’t blame you.   Whether you’re planning a wilderness camping trip, looking forward to marveling at the sight…

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Why Alpine Butte Wildlife Sanctuary is worth visiting

Located in the Western Mojave Desert in California is the Alpine Butte Wildlife Sanctuary. It lies on the southern slope of Alpine Butte and is one of many open-space preserves and wildlife sanctuaries in Los Angeles County.   It’s not a place you hear about often, but it’s…

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