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What is the Reebok Spartan Race? | ActionHub

What is the Reebok Spartan Race?

At its core, Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races with various distances and difficulty levels. Their lengths range from just 3 miles to a marathon distance. Spartan races started in 2007 and were named Peak Races until Reebok became the event title sponsor,…

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Get fit while fat biking | ActionHub

Get fit while fat biking

Fat bikes have been peddled as the juggernaut of bicycles, and bike shops have started to recommend them above other bikes as they are versatile and can conquer any terrain. Their softer and wider tires offer excellent traction in snow, sand, mud and over rocks…

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Colorado launches mountain safety program | ActionHub

Colorado launches safety program

Colorado Sheriff Joe DiSalvo has seen enough deaths on Capitol Peak. This year, seven people have died on the Elk Mountains and officials are voicing their concerns and asking for immediate action. DiSalvo is intent on stopping the tragedies happening in the Elk Mountains, specifically…

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Top 5 National Parks to explore this winter | ActionHub

Top 5 National Parks to explore this winter

Adventure and stunning natural environments await you in most of America’s National Parks. Parks typically get their largest amounts of visitors during the spring and summer, but there are some parks that are calling out for some winter exploring. You may never go back to…

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What is Meldonium and What Would Happen if You Took It? | ActionHub

What is Meldonium and What Would Happen if You Took It?

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova recently released her memoir “Unstoppable,” in which she discusses her recent ban from the sport. Sharapova received a 15-month ban for using a banned substance called meldonium, putting the controversial drug back on the map. With meldonium gaining popularity, doctors…

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Your complete guide to North Cascades National Park | ActionHub

Your complete guide to North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park Overview Region: North Cascades, Washington Best Time To Go: Spring, Summer, Fall Required Passes: National Park Pass President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill that created the North Cascades National Park in 1968, therefore protecting 648,000 acres of ponderosa pine and old-growth…

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Top 5 Spots to Glamp on Airbnb | ActionHub

Top 5 spots to glamp on Airbnb

To glamp is to mix in a bit of the glamorous with a not-so-typical camping set up and it’s nothing new. Traditionally, you associate camping with having to rough it in the outdoors, having to deal with all sorts of weather, mud, bugs, and maybe not…

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Daredevil Slides Down Iceberg On Inflatable Pizza | ActionHub

Daredevil slides down iceberg on inflatable pizza

The water is calm, there’s no cloud in the sky, and the pizza slice is inflated. If not for Ethan Pringle, dressed just in his underwear and holding a slice of pizza, this iceberg in Greenland would be an idyllic and tranquil location. Ethan Pringle,…

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