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Sleep more comfortably: Preventing tent condensation | ActionHub

Sleep more comfortably by preventing tent condensation

Tent condensation. It’s something that’s happened to us, and we’re pretty sure it’s happened to you too. While it’s generally just seen as somewhat of a nuisance and not exactly something that’s going to ruin your camping trip, it’s still an annoyance.  The important thing…

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Best hiking day trips in Oregon | ActionHub

Best hiking day trips in Oregon

Winter may feel neverending, and while there are some fantastic winter hikes you can partake in this season, we’re definitely looking forward to spring. If you’re also feeling the winter blues, why not start planning your next hiking adventure?   One of the top hiking destinations…

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Shark repellents: worth the buy? | ActionHub

Shark repellent: Worth the buy?

Just a few days after being gifted a shark repellent bracelet, Zack Davis, a 16-year-old from Florida, strapped it on his wrist and headed out to Avalon State Park beach for a spot of surfing. He was riding a wave and went underwater, which resulted…

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Night-time photography tips and tricks for beginners | ActionHub

Night-time photography tips and tricks for beginners

Whether you’re enjoying a camping trip or taking an evening hike, nothing beats the incredible views you get of the nighttime sky when you are far away from the city lights. Capturing the moment on camera, however, is easier said than done if you don’t…

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All-female team of six cross Antarctica on foot | ActionHub

All-female team of six cross Antarctica on foot

The ‘Ice Maidens’, as they’ve named themselves, comprises of an all-female team of six British Army soldiers who have made history already this year by becoming the first all-female team to cross the Antarctic by foot. They had to brave the fierce conditions with temperatures…

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How to perform avalanche tests | ActionHub

How to perform an avalanche snowpack test

The leading cause of death when it comes to avalanches is asphyxiation i.e. oxygen starvation. In the 2016-17 ski season, there were a reported 12 deaths from avalanches in the US, down from 30 the year before. With the amount of people on the slopes…

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First ever drone rescue attempt a success | ActionHub

First ever drone rescue attempt a success

The first ever drone rescue of two struggling swimmers has been achieved in the seas of Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia. On the 18th January, the drone was sent out to rescue the swimmers who were battling the breaking waves, cutting the rescue time…

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