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Updated 08/09/22 6:53am

7 Best Hiking & Running Leggings for Women in 2022

With so many legging options in stores and online, it can be tough to choose the best leggings for you. When you’re out on the trail, you want to be comfortable and confident. And sometimes those indoor leggings you love for yoga or lounging just…

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6 Best Outdoor Duffel Bags That Are Durable & Functional

If your travels involve the great outdoors, you may want to consider adding a durable duffel bag to your list of outdoor gear essentials — or upgrading your existing duffel bag to one with a more rugged exterior fabric, more interior space and that better…

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3 Best Outdoor Camping Speakers that are Worth the Investment

If you’re a seasoned camper — with at least 15 to 20 years of camping under your belt — you probably remember life before the invention of Bluetooth speakers. You may have had a cassette or compact disc (CD) player (commonly called a boombox), along…

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Safety First: The 7 Best PFDs for Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

People all across the globe enjoy paddling, whether from the cockpit of a kayak or atop a stand-up paddle board (SUP). It’s a fantastic exercise, allows you to explore otherwise-inaccessible areas, and anyone can learn it relatively quickly. Plus, once you have the initial gear…

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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Outdoor Adventurers

An Amazon Prime subscription has been a game-changer for many of us who work and play in the outdoor space — we can get two-day shipping on many amazing products to just about any part of the U.S. or Canada. And probably the best day…

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Gear to Bring to a Trail Ragnar Relay

A trail Ragnar Relay is unique from other types of Ragnar Relays because everyone camps together on site, and each leg of the relay is a loop that brings you back to a central area — known at the Ragnar Village. Unlike with a Road…

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6 Best Kayak Storage Racks for Your Home

One could easily argue that kayaking is among the best ways to spend time outdoors. It allows you to access areas you otherwise couldn’t, it’s a phenomenal full-body workout, it’s a budget-friendly hobby, and you don’t necessarily need to be particularly skilled to enjoy it.…

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8 Must-Have SUP Accessories

One of the most appealing things about stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is its simplicity. All you need is a calm body of water and a bit of free time and you’re freely exploring The Great Outdoors from a front-row seat on your board. While SUP…

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