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Updated 09/30/22 2:41am

5 Best Women’s Trail Running Shoes for 2021

When you’re on a trail run, you need stable footing. Stable footing helps prevent injuries and can give you extra confidence out on the trail — making your run more enjoyable. Since your shoes provide the foundation for your entire body, they should be comfortable…

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The 6 Best Snow Goggles for 2021

Although they’re often referred to as “ski goggles,” snow goggles can (and should!) be used for all winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding, in particular, come with some inherent risks and require that you take steps to protect yourself. One simple but incredibly important way to…

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Choosing the Best Snowshoes for Beginners

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “If you can walk, you can snowshoe.” And that’s true to some extent. But from my experience, I’ve found that snowshoeing can be a little more complicated than just walking. I think a better phrase would be, “If…

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The 5 Best Winter Sleeping Pads

The cold winter months are no excuse to stay inside. There is arguably some of the best adventure to be had during the snowy season. Nature is at its most stunning and frightening during this time and if you’re like us, you want to explore…

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Trail Runners

If you’re shopping for a trail runner this year, you may be stumped about what to buy him or her. It’s probably pretty easy to wonder how much gear a person really needs to do something as straightforward as going for a run. It’s not…

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6 Best Snow Boots for Hiking

With the winter season upon us, snow hiking is one activity that almost all families look forward to doing. It gives everyone an awesome feeling that cannot be fully explained unless one experiences it. As with most outdoor physical activities, snow hiking requires protective gear…

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5 Best Trail Running Socks for 2021

As a trail runner, I obsess about what I put on my feet. And it’s not just what touches the ground that is important to maintaining or improving my health and performance; I also put a lot of focus on what touches my skin. So…

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7 Amazing Trail Snacks for Your Next Outing

If you’d ever go hiking with me, you would quickly learn that I love my trail snacks. I’m always packing extra snacks in my backpack and offering a variety of amazing trail snacks to my outdoor company. Snacks can help keep your energy level high.…

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Relax in Style: The Best Lightweight Hammocks for the Outdoors

Nature offers us plenty of opportunities to push ourselves physically. The stories that dominate social media and magazines often revolve around challenging, painful feats that require a lot of tenacity to pull off. However, one has not truly experienced the beauty of our planet until…

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7 Best Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather Camping

Camping in cold weather is something I’ve learned to love over decades of a variety of winter camping experiences. As a teenager on wilderness camping trips, I experienced my fair share of miserably cold camping — mainly due to camping with the wrong sleeping bag.…

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