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Updated 04/20/21 6:53am

Relax in Style: The Best Lightweight Hammocks for the Outdoors

Nature offers us plenty of opportunities to push ourselves physically. The stories that dominate social media and magazines often revolve around challenging, painful feats that require a lot of tenacity to pull off. However, one has not truly experienced the beauty of our planet until…

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7 Best Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather Camping

Camping in cold weather is something I’ve learned to love over decades of a variety of winter camping experiences. As a teenager on wilderness camping trips, I experienced my fair share of miserably cold camping — mainly due to camping with the wrong sleeping bag.…

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Guide to the 7 Best Balaclavas for Winter

Even if you aren’t familiar with the word “balaclava,” you’ve almost certainly seen one. This highly effective — and highly underrated — headwear is most often associated with winter sports, but it has long been worn by hunters, off-roaders and many other types of outdoor…

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Kick Back and Relax: The 6 Best Camping Chairs of 2021

Are you one to embark on outdoor adventures? If yes, you must understand how important it is to have adequate camping luggage and equipment. Low-quality camping gear can quickly turn your sensational escapade into a nightmare. And that includes making sure you have the best…

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7 Best Softshell Jackets for 2021

You’ve probably heard the term “softshell jacket” or you’ve seen it printed on clothing tags in outdoor industry retail stores. But what exactly is a softshell jacket? According to Backcountry, softshell is the term used to describe a new kind of outerwear that is more…

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5 Best Orienteering Compasses to Help You Keep Your Course

If you plan on going on adventures in the wild, it’s important to stay on track. When it comes to navigation, there are many options in the increasingly tech-savvy outdoors industry. Every year, companies are coming out with devices that make backcountry route-finding even easier…

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The 5 Top-Rated Inflatable Kayaks

Kayaking is awesome. That may not be the most eloquent way to state it, but it’s the truth. In a very literal sense, kayaking is awe-some. As in, you’ll be in total awe as you paddle your yak around, getting into places you never could…

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ActionHub’s 2020 Adventure Holiday Shopping Guide

All I want for Christmas … is gear! Is there really any other way to finish that sentence? We’ve put together a holiday shopping guide that goes outside the normal stuff you might find online for yourself or any other hikers, backpackers, skiers or other…

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