5 Best Hiking Trails in New York State

After a few times of hiking on the same trail, the novelty wears off and it feels like it’s time for you to find some new adventures. And my home state of New York has plenty of amazing trails to explore, especially if you’ve exhausted… More »

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Select the Best Hiking Socks

A marriage of comfort and performance is going to be found in the outdoor market’s best hiking socks, but it’s important to know exactly what to look for It’s not hard to imagine the tail end of an all-day hike, your body having exerted itself… More »

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Find a Great Wilderness Campsite

Many of us long to camp somewhere in the back country. Where we can see the sunrise or sunset without peering through trees in the neighbor’s yard. Or listen to loons calling from one lake to another. It’s easy to find wilderness. Every state, at… More »

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4 Camping Knots Everyone Should Know

There are a variety of knots that can come in handy in the wilderness, but if you’re going to boil it down, these are the four camping knots that are versatile enough to get you through most tasks Knots are tools. Some knots work better… More »