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How To Improve on a Flashlight

When your out camping, more times than not, you’ll need a flashlight or lantern for something at sometime in the night. I’ve found after countless fumblings with a flashlight I have found that the best tool I could possibly have in my gear bag is…

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How To Improve the First Camping Trip of Summer

For most outdoor enthusiasts north of the 38th parallel camping takes a hiatus from October – April.  And like most people, if the camping stuff is out of site, it’s out of mind, until the weather turns warm again.  When heading out for the first…

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Pioneer Research Hires Joshua Gilmour As Marketing Coordinator

MOORESTOWN, N.J. (May 23, 2011) — Pioneer Research, North American headquarters for SeaLife Underwater Cameras, Vero Vellini Gunslings and the VION MiNi 2000 Handbearing Compass, announced that Joshua Gilmour has joined the company as its marketing coordinator. He will report directly to Brian Correia, director…

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How To Maintain Your Boat Propeller

Do you think that you work hard? Try being a propeller for a day, swirling in circles for hours on end in nasty, weed-infested water, plowing blindly through mud and muck, grinding away over gravel, then whacking the occasional rock or deadhead – now that’s…

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How To Recommission Your Boat

Step Away from the Lawn Mower It’s time to put your boat in the water! Recommissioning – taking your boat out of mothballs after a long period of inactivity is an exercise involving attention to detail – a lot of details, actually. The time and…

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How To Train for a Mountain Hunt

Cardiovascular fitness is the most important element of deer or elk hunting Out West, and especially elk hunting. The reason is because sometimes when you chase elk, you literally must chase elk. I’ll offer up some suggestions for getting your heart and lungs ready for…

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How To Get Water Out of Your Boat

Pumps and buckets are always a great way to pitch water out of your boat. But the easiest trick in the book to remove water from your boat is to drive it down the lake. If your boat has a drain plug and a smooth…

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How To Quickly Fix a Hole in a Boat

Keep a shammy cloth available on your boat at all times. Besides drying items, this material is excellent for plugging small holes in a boat bottom. This trick saved me and my boat on an icy duck hunt last year after an encounter with a…

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