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    How To Clean Camp Dishes

    Scrape food particles into the burning fire. The fire will consume the food and once the fire is out, the ashes mask the smell. Whereas, scraping the food any which where could attract bears or other wildlife. In parks, it’s important to keep animals out of the campsites. You could also bury the food like you would other human waste. If you have food waste in the form of chicken bones or ribs, check with park regulations. Otherwise, bury it.

    If you are wiping the plates off with a rag, remember to store that rag with your food. It smells like food. It can attract animals.

    You’re going to need three buckets, 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

    Fill the first bucket with hot water. (You’ll have to boil it.) Use baking soda as a scouring agent to remove all visible food particles.

    Dunk the dish into the second bucket.

    The third bucket is for disinfecting. Most places will tell you to add some bleach to water. 3% hydrogen peroxide makes an eco-friendly replacement. A vinegar rinse will also kill germs. Rinse with vinegar, Let the vinegar dry on the plate.

    Strain the water from the first bucket to catch all food particles.

    Scatter water over a large area 200 ft. from your campsite. Use the rinse water to wash away baking soda residue. Now scatter the rinse water.

    Remember, keep the area where you eat 100 ft from the area where you sleep. These tubs or buckets should stay near the food area, not your tent area.

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