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How To Be Safe On A Power Boat

Safety is key to the enjoyment of any outdoor activity but it is often overlooked or takes a back seat in participants’ minds.  That is certainly true for boating. While boating has a very good safety record, there are still unnecessary deaths and injuries every…

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How To Be Seen on The Water, Boating Safety

You can’t have fun on the water if you can’t see what you’re doing, and you can’t stay safe unless you’re seen by others. The best form of boating safety is a combination of equipment that won’t let you down, the good judgement to bring…

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How To Get the Most Out of Your Outboard Motor

That high performance outboard hanging on the back of my bass boat isn’t the same two-stroke engine my grandfather used to putt around his favorite fishin’ hole. My Nitro z9 powered by a Mercury Pro XS 250 is a far more sophisticated piece of equipment.…

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How to be Prepared for a Camping and Fishing Trip

For camping trips with a planned fishing component two overlooked items that can turn out to be true lifesavers are a lock-blade filet knife and a second spool of line for a spinning reel. A lock-blade filet knife is much easier to carry in pockets…

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How To Make a High Protein Meal for the Hiking Trail

Pouch-packaged chicken or tune, instead of canned, in a tortilla is a quick and delicious protein-rich meal for the trail. Both items come in durable, light and flat packaging that is not difficult to stick back in your pack after using. You can also add…

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How To Plan Better Camping Meals

Food can be a driving force for completing a hike or long day of camping activities. Good food can make it all worth it and can even bring people closer together. It doesn’t matte if your camping out of a vehicle or a backpack good…

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How To Dress for Camping

The trouble with camping and hiking is that you often never know what the temperature or weather is going to be. I always recommend to people to dress in layers and bring layers that are appropriate for the time of year and climate you will…

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How To Backpack Light While Bringing Power Foods

The biggest struggle for backpackers is weight. So one simple tick I use to ensure I have the power food to move forward up the tail while also cutting down on weight is oatmeal packets. When backpacking, oatmeal can be eaten with just a plastic…

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How To Dry Out Camping Gear

There is only one thing worse than getting your clothes and gear wet when you’re camping, and that’s putting them back on the next day!  When the elements are against you, there is sometimes no way around getting soggy. Your first line of defense is…

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