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    Dutch Oven Tip

    A traditional Dutch oven, like the one pictured at left, has a rim around the top of the lid to hold coals so heat can be applied from above and below.  This is handy for baking biscuits, cakes and more on the campfire.  These days most of us try to keep burning hot coals out of our kitchens so modern Dutch ovens don’t have this feature.  The lids are typically domed and the coals roll right off.  I’d demonstrate with Mrs. dustyvarmint’s Le Creuset, but at my age broken bones heal slowly and whitetail season is right around the corner.  However, it is pretty easy to craft a reusable rim from foil like that pictured at right.  Although it doesn’t look it that thing has been used a number of times and still keeps tickin’.  At a flea market five bucks that round top Dutch oven is worth the extra little bit of effort.

    happy hunting, dv

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