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Keeping Your Bearings in the Backcountry

There are a handful of devices that you can choose to help avoid getting lost in the wilderness and to ensure your safety   Clearly, there is some danger in wilderness travel. While physical injuries are a threat, we must also be aware of our…

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Find a Great Wilderness Campsite

Many of us long to camp somewhere in the back country. Where we can see the sunrise or sunset without peering through trees in the neighbor’s yard. Or listen to loons calling from one lake to another. It’s easy to find wilderness. Every state, at…

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4 Camping Knots Everyone Should Know

There are a variety of knots that can come in handy in the wilderness, but if you’re going to boil it down, these are the four camping knots that are versatile enough to get you through most tasks Knots are tools. Some knots work better…

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How to Select a Canoe Paddle

Many decades ago, my dad and I purchased a Grumman canoe (I still have it and use it). In the intervening years, I’ve logged countless hours and miles paddling on lakes and streams. This is what I’ve learned about selecting canoe paddles for such use.…

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