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Wakeboard Size Chart

Making sure you have picked the correct size of wakeboard can be incredibly confusing. There are a variety of factors which dictate which size you should go for. There are also some myths flying around, which are less significant in determining the size. For example, your height… More »


Review: Top 4 Lightweight 1-Man Tents

All experienced trekkers know the importance of keeping pack weight low. And the easiest way to shed a few pounds from your pack is to replace your bulky tent with a modern lightweight variety. We’ve chosen four models that bring together value for money, high-quality craftsmanship,… More »

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How to Improve Skiing

4 Tips to Improve Your Skiing

There is nothing as exciting as spending a day on the slopes. Whether you’re testing your speed limit, dropping off a cliff or taking a line through the trees, nothing beats that feeling of flying down the side of a mountain. Skiing will test your… More »

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how to lighten backpack

4 Steps to Lighten Your Trekking Load

There are obvious benefits to lightening your trekking load. A lighter pack means you’re more comfortable while on the move. It also means you’re saving energy. Using up less energy means you’ll be able to cover more ground, see more sights, and travel more… More »