Dogs can become intriguing travel partners. Image by nathanmac87 on the Wikimedia Commons.

Dog Days of Travel

A perky Holly was ready as we stepped from the mountain inn into the early morning coolness. She was energetic but my wife Jan and I had coffee in hands and followed her blearily under an archway to a pleasant nature trail. Grinning happily as she… More »

Ridng a halfbike. Image courtesy of Kolelinia.

3 Bikes You’ve Got to See

How does a bicycle built from bamboo sound to you? What about a bike that folds up to the size of its wheels? Want to ride something that’s a cross between a skateboard and unicycle, sort of? It’s all possible. A bamboo bicycle became a… More »

The Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, Massachusetts holds a host of trails and chance to see all kinds of wildlife. Image courtesy of Larry Warfield.

7 Great New England Nature Walks

The songbird symphony fills the air. Breathe in the brined scent of the marsh. See the wind flutter through the woods while taking in a story told from silent signs. Walking in nature isn’t only about climbing rugged mountains with loaded backpacks or trekking deep… More »