4 LA Trails That Won’t Disappoint

City life can get stressful. One of the greatest escapes from the lack of open space, busy streets, and endless buildings is to get yourself out on a hike. While Los Angeles is well-known for its huge film industry and celebrity culture, it has… More »


Who Are This Year’s Top Adventurers?

Every year, thousands of people vote for their favorite adventurer, and National Geographic post the results. This vote has been a yearly tradition for twelve years, and it celebrates the achievements of all those nominated. This year’s ten nominees have been officially announced,… More »

How To

Eco-Friendly Ways to Deice This Winter

As we get deeper into winter, you’ll notice paths, walkways and roads becoming icier and full of more snow. Icy paths can be slippery and dangerous, so it’s important to make sure they’re safe for use by thawing them. But, did you know that… More »