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A Guide to Buying a Paddleboard

If you’re looking to get into paddleboarding, a lot of options are available.  If you aren’t looking to get into it, then maybe this video will change your mind: Paddleboarding is beneficial in many ways.  It can be used for recreation and relaxation, yoga,… More »


The 5 Best Kiteboarding Beaches On Earth

1.La Ventana, Baja California The Southern tip of California’s Baja peninsula is home to what might be the best kiteboarding spot on earth. The consistent winds coming of the Gulf of California make this location a kiteboarder’s dream. Combine that with the beautiful scenery… More »

Caption: Vermont's Green Mountain Club is asking hikers to stay off high elevation trails like Camels Hump during mud season.

Mud Season Comes to the Mountains

With spring in the air, hikers are itching to get out and hit trails. But as the snow melts, the mud oozes. From dirt roads to hiking trails, some pathways become rutted and muddied due to melting snow and rain. Dirt roads can take… More »