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5 Easy and Delicious Dutch Oven Recipes

If you’ve ever had a hearty hot meal made in a Dutch oven over live coals or embers from a campfire, you probably remember it — and chances are you enjoyed it. A Dutch oven is a big metal pot (usually cast iron) used for…

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Coffee at Camp: French Press Coffee Maker Setup

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you know that a good cup of coffee can help you set your day up for success — especially in the backcountry. And just because you’re camping, or “roughing it,” it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a…

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Best Flannel Shirts for Men and Women in 2021

A good flannel shirt should keep you dry in rain and snow, warm and comfortable in cooler weather and even last you for a decade or more — making the iconic flannel shirt ideal for wearing outdoors. Because flannel is warm and soft to the…

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5 Best Women’s Trail Running Shoes for 2021

When you’re on a trail run, you need stable footing. Stable footing helps prevent injuries and can give you extra confidence out on the trail — making your run more enjoyable. Since your shoes provide the foundation for your entire body, they should be comfortable…

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Choosing the Best Snowshoes for Beginners

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “If you can walk, you can snowshoe.” And that’s true to some extent. But from my experience, I’ve found that snowshoeing can be a little more complicated than just walking. I think a better phrase would be, “If…

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7 Amazing Trail Snacks for Your Next Outing

If you’d ever go hiking with me, you would quickly learn that I love my trail snacks. I’m always packing extra snacks in my backpack and offering a variety of amazing trail snacks to my outdoor company. Snacks can help keep your energy level high.…

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7 Best Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather Camping

Camping in cold weather is something I’ve learned to love over decades of a variety of winter camping experiences. As a teenager on wilderness camping trips, I experienced my fair share of miserably cold camping — mainly due to camping with the wrong sleeping bag.…

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7 Best Softshell Jackets for 2021

You’ve probably heard the term “softshell jacket” or you’ve seen it printed on clothing tags in outdoor industry retail stores. But what exactly is a softshell jacket? According to Backcountry, softshell is the term used to describe a new kind of outerwear that is more…

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