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hiking poles

Know the Pros and Cons of Using Hiking Poles

Hiking poles may be a good addition to your next hike, but like any piece of gear, they require proper technique and knowledge Hiking poles (also called trekking poles, walking poles or hiking sticks) may give you the extra confidence and stability you need while…

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flint stick spark

Start Your Next Campfire with a Magnesium Flint Stick

There are several perks to using magnesium flint sticks for starting a campfire, plus knowing how to do that is a great outdoor skill to have Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, a campground or in your backyard with your kids, your campfire is likely…

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7 Ways to Use Duct Tape in the Backcountry

If you don’t already have a roll of duct tape on your backcountry essential equipment list, it’s time to add it. This durable and sticky tape, invented more than 75 years ago during World War II, has hundreds of uses. Alaskan mushers use it on…

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trail running mud

5 Tips for Trail Running in Mud

Learning some skills for trail running in mud — and how to navigate those sloppy conditions — can give you more confidence during a workout. If you’re hitting the trails in the coming months (especially in springtime), chances are you’ll encounter sloppy conditions along the…

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Elk Island National Park

A Hidden Gem: Visiting Elk Island National Park

If you’ve ever wondered what giant shaggy-haired bison look like close up, you’d be right at home in Alberta, Canada’s Elk Island National Park. But there’s more than just bison there. You’ll find plenty of other big-game species wandering the park, like elk, moose and…

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suzanne downing

5 Mistakes Campers Make in Bear Country

For some people, the thought of camping in bear country is intimidating. And rightly so. There’s a lot to learn about camping in bear country, and it can be overwhelming. But with the right knowledge, you should be able to camp with confidence when roughing…

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