Best Camping Utensils to Make Mealtime Even Better

    Factoring in weight, durability and functionality, here are the seven best camping utensils that you should consider for your next outing

    What is camping without sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows? Or even an act as simple as having a hot bowl of food? As an adventurous person, camping is one of the most exciting activities to do, and it is also necessary to have a list of suitable and functional camping utensils. It can be a bit time-consuming selecting the best cooking utensils as so many products are available on the market.

    You don’t have to purchase all the products before knowing how good they are. Here I’ll give you insight into what to focus on when selecting camping utensils and then describe some of the best camping utensils that I’ve come across. But first, it’s important to know what I look for when making these kinds of decisions.

    Qualities To Look Out For When Selecting Camping Utensils

    1. Lightweight:
    When it comes to buying cooking utensils for camping, you have to make sure you find the most lightweight utensils to ease your movement and reduce your backpack weight.

    2. Versatility: You obviously can’t be eating just one food the entire time while camping. The key now is to find camping pots that can serve more than one purpose, from steaming vegetables to cooking oatmeal.

    3. Durability: Some cooking utensils last longer than others, and you don’t want to waste your money getting one that wouldn’t serve you for a long time.

    After putting these qualities into consideration, here are the seven best camping utensils that you should consider:

    1. MSR Ultralight Kitchen Set

    This is an incredibly lightweight cookware that is foldable for easy transport. The MSR kitchen set is perfect for camping and includes all the major utensils needed to prepare a meal, and it weighs only 4.5 ounces!

    This set includes a folding spoon, folding spatula with uneven edges to stir anything, and even flip pancakes. It also comes with an ultralight cutting board that measures up to 5.5×7 inches, a salt and pepper shaker for spices, a soap bottle, and a dry towel to make the cleaning process easy.

    Key Features
    – Height: 2.5 inches
    – Weight: 4.5 ounces
    – Width: 6 inches

    Pros/It is lightweight, easy to clean, and use
    Cons/It is unstable and doesn’t include a skillet
    Bottom Line/Having an MSR kitchen set saves you the hassle of buying single utensils, and it is extremely light

    2. Toaks Titanium 750 ml Pot

    It is well known that pure titanium resists corrosion, tolerates high temperature and prevents that metallic aftertaste. The Toaks titanium pot has all these features and more. It comes with a lid with a lockable grip and exit holes to let the steam out. Also, it has round bottom edges that allow easy cleaning.

    Another feature of the Toaks titanium pot is that it can contain a 100g gas canister, a small store, a small titanium backpack wood burning stove, and it comes with a mesh storage sack. This unique titanium pot is also lightweight and perfect for boiling water for your tea, coffee, or cooking oatmeal.

    Key Features
    – Liquid capacity: 0.75 liters
    – Dimension: 3.75×0.48 inches
    – Material: Titanium
    – Weight: 3.6 ounces

    Pros/It is lightweight and highly durable
    Cons/The method of fitting the lid isn’t as secured as I'd like, and the handle gets hot easily
    Bottom Line/The Toaks titanium pot is excellent for withstanding heat

    3. 10pcs BGT Silicone Kitchen Utensils With Beech Wood Handles

    No camping list is complete without a set of larger utensils like spatulas and serving spoons. BGT’s set includes a spoon, slotted turner, tongs, soup ladle, spaghetti server, oil brush, spatulas, and turner. What makes this set extraordinary is that all of its utensils are made with food-grade silicone materials.

    The utensils are crafted in a way that makes them non-toxic and non-stick. This set also has a heat resistance of up to 446° F. They surely won’t melt when exposed to fire!

    Key Features
    – Number of pieces: 10
    – Material: Silicone, BeechWood
    – Weight: 2 pounds
    – Dimensions: 13.8×4.9×2.8 inches

    Pros/It is thick when compared to other utensils; it is also durable and easy to clean
    Cons/It does not come in a larger size
    Bottom Line/It is designed with high-quality materials and is heat resistant

    4. GSI Outdoor Stainless Pioneer Table Set

    The pioneer set consists of 12 dishes that weigh 5.1 pounds and includes four 10-inch plates, four 5.75-inch bowls and four 12-ounce cups. This set is made of heavy stainless steel that is twice kiln hardened, which guarantees its durability, and ensures it doesn’t degrade when used frequently.

    This product is lightweight and ready for any adventure. Plus it can be easily stacked up in your bag.

    Key Features
    – Dimensions: 10.87×10.75×4.96 inches
    – Weight: 5.1 pounds

    Pros/It is durable, non-stick, and is reusable, unlike paper plates
    Cons/The mug handles are too light, and this set is expensive
    Bottom Line/Aside from the cost, the pioneer set is perfect for family camping and outdoor activities

    5. Hydro Flask 12oz Food Container

    If you’re looking for a food container to keep your food hot while you explore, look no further. The hydro-flask 12oz food container is TempShield protected, BPA free, and designed with pro-grade stainless steel to ensure your food is kept hot and safe to eat.

    This product keeps food hot 30 percent longer than the average food flask because it is well insulated and double-walled. The Hydro Flask container can also be used after your camping adventure is over, and you go back to your daily routine. It is perfect for storing food when you return to work, school or even a visit to the gym.

    Key Features
    – It is insulated and double-walled
    – Weight: 11.1 ounces
    – Liquid capacity: 12 ounces
    – Bottle opening: Wide

    Pros/It is well insulated and highly durable
    Cons/It is quite expensive, and the lid is sometimes hard to open
    Bottom Line/It keeps your food hot while you hike or explore nature

    6. FinessCity Titanium Spork With Bottle Opener

    This includes a spoon, fork and bottle opener. The spork is reusable and comes with a high-quality washable cloth case to prevent dust. The titanium-made utensil has the capacity to withstand corrosion, high temperature, acid and alkali.

    An amazing feature of this product is the fact that it is sturdy yet remains lightweight and easy to use. The spork is also odorless and provides for no after taste.

    Key Features
    – Dimension: 7.5×0.5×2 inches
    – Material: Titanium
    – Weight: 20 grams

    Pros/It is lightweight, flexible, and comes with a money-back guarantee; it also comes in a smooth and strong design
    Cons/I wish the spork were a bit longer
    Bottom Line/It can serve as both a fork and spoon, as well as a bottle opener. This can easily become your new favorite camping utensil

    7. Snow Peak Titanium 600g Mug With Hotlips

    The ultralight snow peak mug can be used to enjoy a steamy cup of coffee. The food-grade silicone lip is manufactured in a way that the liquid doesn’t burn your lips. It also has a heat resistance of 446° F and a handle with a secure grip. This mug doesn’t take up much space as the handle wraps around the mug. This mug is also lightweight and will be easy to carry in your backpack.

    Key Features
    – Liquid capacity: 20 fluid ounces
    – Material: Mug (titanium); Hotlips (silicone)
    – Weight: 3 ounces
    – Dimension: 3.9×4 inches

    Pros/It is lightweight and portable
    Cons/The handle gets extremely hot, and there's no lid
    Bottom Line/Opt for the Snow Peak mug -- it is very light, and you don’t have to worry about burning your lips

    Ojonugwa Lawrence is a creative and disciplined outdoor writer with a background in psychology. Her love for outdoor adventures helps her connect to her readers and the universe as a whole.

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