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    5 Simple Tips For Ultralight Traveling

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    In the age of excess, many people are swapping their stuff for a more minimal approach — especially travelers. Gone are the days of lugging two suitcases through the airport. Today’s adventurous spirits are packing their life on their back and taking off. Welcome to Ultralight Traveling!

    Sound daunting? Trust us, you can do this.

    While the one-pack approach to travel may be challenging, it is absolutely possible. By trading your heavy luggage for an ultralight experience, you can liberate yourself from the constraints of your possessions. No more checked bags, security scares, and digging through multiple bags to find what you need. Everything you need is right here with you.

    How to start? These simple tips can serve as your guide to ultralight traveling.

    1. Find The Right Bag: Ultralight packing starts with an ultralight backpack. Today’s packs are designed to be lighter than ever, so be sure to do your research. Osprey, Tortuga, Gregory, and ZPacks are some brands to look into. You ideally want a light pack that offers organization and a comfortable carry.
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    Osprey Backpacks

    1. Pack For A Short Trip: Whether you are traveling for two weeks or two months, you should pack the same amount of clothing. Remember that you can wash and re-wear all of your clothing, so only pack a few of each item.


    1. Consider The Usefulness: Every single item in your backpack should have a clean purpose. Anything that you might not see yourself using should stay at home. This can be the most challenging part of ultralight packing, as many travelers are used to packing “just in case” items. Be strict in this categorization and include as many multi-purpose items as possible.


    1. Find The Right Outerwear: Jackets and other outerwear are the most bulky items on your packing list, but they don’t have to be. Ultralight down jackets, insulated socks, and thinner rain jackets are key. And of course, only pack one of each outerwear item. Think quality over quantity.


    1. Pack Efficiently: When packing your back, compress and roll your clothing to minimize the space they take up. Fill shoes with socks, keep toiletries in a zip bag, and wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane. Keep the most important items at the top of your pack and create a base with heavier items. By packing your items in a way that makes sense, you can keep your pack organized throughout your whole trip.


    By following these tips and finding your own ways to minimize your pack, you can enjoy the freedom of ultralight packing. Whether trekking for week or six months, ultralight travel will help you prioritize the experience over your possessions.


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