Key Items to Bring with You on Your Next Ice Fishing Trip

    ice fishing

    Ice fishing is an enjoyable and relaxing winter sports activity. Also, unlike all other winter sports, you can get some great fish to eat out of it! Many people take to the frozen lakes, ponds, and rivers to do ice fishing in the colder months of the year. But, if you want your ice fishing trip to be ideal, then you need to make sure you bring a couple of key items with you. Here are some crucial items to bring with you on your next ice fishing trip.

    First aid kit

    You never know what will happen on your ice fishing trip, so it is always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time. At least pack a small first aid kit before you head out on your trip.

    A couple of five-gallon buckets

    These buckets are dual purpose, and can serve both as seats and as places to store your catch once you have caught it.

    An Ice Auger

    Ice augers will allow you to drill through the ice to make your hole. Obviously, you will need one of these.


    Ice fishing requires you to sit on the ice for long hours, waiting for the fish to take your bait. You will get hungry during this time. Trail mix and beef jerky are favorite snacks for ice fishers.


    Some people prefer hot chocolate, and others prefer a nice bottle of beer. Whatever your beverage of choice is, make sure you bring it with you, because you will most likely get thirsty while you are out on the ice.

    Warm Clothing

    Because ice fishing takes place on the ice, it is generally very cold where people go ice fishing. So, make sure you wear a warm coat, a hat, a scarf, and mittens. The warmer you are, the more comfortable you will be on the ice.


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