Experiencing The Rocky Shores of Ruby Beach

    Ruby Beach

    Olympic National Park is a sprawling treasure of the the Pacific Northwest. Of the many stunning attractions, Ruby Beach is, without doubt, a must-see. Ranked first out of the 41 Olympic attractions on TripAdvisor, this rugged beach is the perfect pairing of coast and forest. Hikers, roadtrippers, and campers can soak in the park’s beauty and enjoy this seaside escape.

    To arrive at Ruby Beach, take Highway 101. The drive along the Southern Coast allows you to access a variety of southern coastal attractions.

    Ruby Beach Camping

    While there is not a campground available directly at Ruby Beach, there are camping areas near by. Kalaloch Lodge is just under eight miles away, offering cozy camping options for every outdoor lover. The main lodge offers a rustic feel with modern comforts, while smaller seaside cabins provide a more outdoorsy and private feel. There is also an oceanside group campsite for a more immersive coastal camping experience. Kalaloch has 175 campsites in total, but the park service recommends booking as early as possible.

    During the summer, those interested in Ruby Beach can also camp at South Beach. This 50-site campground is open from Memorial Day to late September.

    Exploring The Pacific Coast at Ruby Beach

    Ruby Beach 4

    Photo courtesy of Ben Ryder

    Ruby Beach is a beautiful location to hike, explore, and admire nature. During low tide, head north up the beach and walk two miles to the head of the Hoh River. This river creates a natural boundary, allowing hikers to explore the natural landscape. You can also walk up to 15 miles in the Southern direction, eventually making it to the Quinault River. No matter how long you choose to continue your coastal hike, you are sure to find intriguing marine life along the way.

    At Beach 4 in particular, you can walk among the beautiful tide pools. Here you will find anemones, sea stars, and other marine critters. Looking to the sky, you may also spot Western gulls and bald eagles flying and nesting in the area.

    This rocky beach and its neighboring environments create a wild, yet peaceful environment, embodying the beauty of Olympic National Park. Whether staying for a day or booking Ruby Beach camping for a long weekend, you are sure to reconnect with nature as you hike along the coast.

    Ruby Beach 3

    Photo courtesy of Ben Ryder

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