Underneath it All: ExOfficio Underwear Is Adventure Ready

    Excofficio Underwear

    The perfect backpacking and travel wardrobe may seem impossible to achieve. But having the right underwear can get you one step closer. Today’s adventurers don’t have the space for piles of underwear in their packs, so it’s time to find a more minimal solution. Among all the underwear brands on the market today, ExOfficio has garment technology that truly delivers.

    Available in a variety of styles for men and women, ExOfficio underwear is designed to be comfortable, odor resistant, and lightweight. And with its quick drying technology, you can simply pack a few pairs and wash as you go.

    Designed to Travel With You

    ExOfficio is truly committed to quality with their underwear designs. It all starts with the comfortable mesh fabric. Designed with hydrophobic fibers, this material wicks away moisture, keeping you cool in even the warmest climates. This mesh will also move with your body, staying in place all day long. The Silvadur® anti-odor technology adds another layer to this protection, releasing microbe-destroying ions to keep the fabric fresh and strong.

    One of the most notable features of this underwear is its quick drying ability. This means that you can wash your underwear in the sink or shower, wring out the water with your hands and a towel, and hang the pair to dry. According to ExOfficio, their classic boxers can dry in about 2.2 hours.

    With properties like this, you truly only need a few pair during your travels. Wash your underwear at night, and it will be ready to wear in the morning. This frees up space in your pack and keeps you comfortable every step of your journey.

    Men’s And Women’s Cuts For Your Needs

    Everyone has their preferred style of underwear, and you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite fit when you travel. ExOfficio creates boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and t-shirts for men. For women, full cut, bikini, thongs, and tops are available in this brand’s comfortable material. There are also varieties in cut and shape within these underwear types.

    No matter your travel style, you can stay comfortable in ExOfficio underwear. With their impressive line of products, you are sure to find a style that perfectly suits you.

    Image Courtesy of Exofficio

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