Don’t Sweat It: Why Smartwool Hiking Socks Are A Must-Have


    A comfortable hike is all about your gear, and far too many outdoor lovers overlook the importance of Smartwool hiking socks. The right socks wick away moisture while holding their shape, so you can wear your hiking boots with ease. And when it comes to creating quality socks for every hiker, no brand beats Smartwool.

    While the word “wool” might deter you from slipping on these socks in the summertime, this material is actually the secret to Smartwool’s success. By switching to Smartwool hiking socks, you will have happy feet with every step.

    Designed For Comfort

    Smartwool’s innovative design starts with merino wool. This material wicks away sweat efficiently to dry your feet even in the warmest temperatures.

    “With Merino wool, more of your sweat can evaporate and pass straight through your base layer as a vapor — providing more efficient cooling and leaving you feeling dry longer,” the brand writes on their website. “It also means odor-causing bacteria don’t have a wet environment to hunker down, which helps you stay fresh.”

    Specifically, smartwool hiking socks are made with 70% merino wool, 28% nylon, and 2% elastic. This combination allows the sock to contour perfectly to your feet. They are also designed to not itch, unlike other wool clothing. The traditional hiking sock has a crew cut and is high enough to wear with most boots without risk of blistering.

    Smartwool socks are available in men’s and women’s cuts in several sizes. With a variety of sock heights and thicknesses, you can select a variety to fit your hiking style. And if you want to take Smartwool’s comfort off the trail, there are casual socks available for everyday wear.

    Clothing For A Better Hike

    By investing in quality hiking clothing, you are investing in your outdoor experience. When you feel comfortable on the trail, no matter the season, you can focus on the beauty around you even more. With their intuitive design and fabric that lasts, Smartwool hiking socks are an essential addition to your adventure wardrobe.


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