Get smarter by surfing


    We’ve all seen the surfer stereotype played out in countless movies (and sometimes even in real life!). Surfers are commonly depicted as dumb, one-note characters only interested in the next gnarly wave and not much else.

    Don’t be fooled by what you’ve seen; surfing can be incredibly intellectually stimulating on loads of levels. Surfers aren’t dim, they’ve just caught on to the fact that nature can teach us many lessons.

    So how exactly does surfing make you smarter? Well, it can help with math and science, give a boost to our planning skills, improve spatial awareness and coordination, as well as give our brain a much-needed boost. Still not convinced? Read on as we break down all the ways surfing is good for your mind.

    Science and math knowledge

    Surfers have first-hand experience with various scientific concepts that the rest of the world learns from reading a book. Get out and dive into nature’s rhythms if you want to know how the world works.

    Whether it’s getting used to physics to understand how waves are formed, or calculating the best time to surf based on sunrise times and tide tables, surfers are continually exploring the world that surrounds them. They also become amateur life scientists as they are regularly observing weather patterns as well as the animals around them.

    Increased planning capabilities

    As any surfer that has had to balance surf time along with daily responsibilities, family, and work can tell you, it takes a ton of organizational skills. They have to sync their calendar with the best waves, which means they are often up at the crack of dawn, and this is a significant exercise in focus and diligence.

    Spatial awareness and coordination

    Surfers need to be aware all the time as they need to pay attention to loads of things when surfing, including but not limited to: the other surfers in the ocean, wildlife, and the curvature and size of the waves. Learning how to manipulate your body and have spatial awareness is incredibly important, even if it often overlooked as a form of intelligence.

    Mental benefits of surfing

    Exercising strengthens your body, but did you know it can also strengthen your mind? Your brain craves physical activity as the increased blood flow improves your memory and creates new connections between your neurons.

    Surfing gives your brain a boost

    When we spend time outside, we help clear our mind from excess stimulus. Spending time in nature enables you to relax and reset your brain, which means you can add more information to your possibly overextended brain. Therefore, whenever you’re feeling a bit out of sorts or unfocused, head for the ocean.

    Now that you know how you can get smarter by surfing, pick up your surfboard and take the plunge!

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