Stress-Relief and 3 Other Benefits of Swimming

    Swimming is an inclusive sport; it doesn’t discriminate against age, race, weight or height. In this respect, it’s one of the very few sports in which you can take part practically from birth, right until your old age.

    The sport of swimming is an excellent way to lose fat, get fit and relax the mind. It is a sport which can be taken at your own pace, whether that’s competitively or simply to unwind after a tough day.

    You need very little equipment to enjoy the sport, simply a costume, goggles, and a cap. Being such an accessible sport, with these excellent health benefits, we strongly believe that it is a sport all should consider adding into their weekly routine.

    Meditation Effect

    Breath control is a major component of swimming. Unlike land-based sports, you cannot breathe all the time in swimming. This constantly forces you to be aware and control your breathing patterns, focussing the mind.

    This is incredibly similar to the aim of meditation and it comes as no surprise that many people feel far more relaxed after a session in the pool. So much so, that doctors and psychologists often ‘prescribe’ swimming as a form of therapy for patients.

    Little Strain on the Body

    Due to the fact that the water holds your weight, there is very little stress on your joints. This makes it the ideal sport for those with weak joints or suffering from injuries, like runner’s knee.

    Often through periods of injury, it can be hard to maintain your fitness levels. For this reason, swimming should be your go-to sport. You’ll experience a fantastic cardiovascular workout, with little risk of injury.

    Improved Strength & Toning

    Water is much denser than air, and as a result, it is an effective way to work on strength and tone your muscles. It’s a similar effect to using light weights in the gym. For added resistance, experienced swimmers often use paddles, making it a tougher workout for the shoulders.

    Decreased Stress Levels

    It’s a well-known fact that exercise is great for your mental health, giving you a rush of endorphins. However, submerged in water is thought to have an even greater effect for relaxation. According to a study in Pain Research & Management, being in waters offers a feeling of calm by reducing the sensory information to your body. Excellent news for those who like to relax in the bath!

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