Snowboarding Santa Clause Becomes Viral Sensation

    Casey Neisat, already an established YouTube sensation, has added another claim to fame by becoming the first human-flying drone in a Santa suit. With almost 6 millions views already notched before Christmas, it’s undoubtedly his most successful stunt to date.

    Sponsored by Samsung, the project took over a year to plan and execute. And that’s not surprising, considering the team had to design and build the drone from the ground up (human-carrying drones didn’t exist!). Justin Oakes, the man behind the design, declared the stunt a realization of a dream he’d had for many years.

    With speeds of up to 35 mph, a selection of ‘wow factor’ stunts, and a dosage of good Christmas cheer, the video is definitely worth a watch:

    At ActionHub, we’re wondering whether this means that drone-boarding could be the next ‘big thing’ to hit the extreme sports market!

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