Best Foods for Energy on the Slopes

    Best Foods for Energy on the Slopes | ActionHub

    Hitting the slopes, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a weekend warrior, takes a toll on the body. Research indicates that you’ll burn around 500 calories in one hour of skiing. Of course, for an exact figure it really depends on your fitness and ability levels.

    Nevertheless, it’s safe to say you can expend a lot of energy on the slopes so it’s important to make sure you’re fuelled properly. The last feeling you want while you’re having fun in the snow is to feel like you’ve hit the wall.

    Learning how to fuel your body correctly is vital for you to know how to sustain your energy, allowing you hours on the slopes without fatigue and burnout. The body works a bit like a car engine, making sure you’re always topped up and ready to go. If you don’t visit the gas station when you’re low on fuel, you’ll not be able to continue.

    Some foods are better than others and it’s becoming more common knowledge that high sugar, artificial foods will only provide a quick burst of energy. Here are some of the best foods you can eat for maintained energy and when you should eat them.

    Potatoes and Pasta


    Carbohydrates is what your body mainly uses for an energy source with wholegrain pasta and potatoes providing the longest lasting fuel for you. The night before a big day skiing or snowboarding you should aim to have a carb-heavy meal, including some vegetables and a portion of protein.



    Fruits is the perfect sugary alternative to sweets and chocolate. It will provide you with more sustained energy. Eating fruit will not only release energy slowly, but it will allow you to feel full for longer.


    Some can’t stand it; others love it. Truth be told, tuna is packed with protein and vitamin B which will perk you up during the day. An excellent easy snack idea is a tuna sandwich. The roll or bread will provide a good source of carbs.

    Whole Grain Cereal

    When you wake up the morning of your day of skiing, you should always have breakfast. You’ve been fasted overnight and your body will be craving energy. Whole grain cereal is packed with fibre, giving a slow release of energy which will giving you the feeling of more consistent energy.

    Green Tea


    If you stop for a break, swap the energy and fizzy drinks for green tea. Like coffee, green tea is high in caffeine, allowing you to feel more awake but without the jittery effects of energy drinks.


    Perfect for a snack you can stick in your pocket to nibble on throughout the day. Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats. The protein will help to repair damaged muscles and the natural fat is excellent for long lasting energy.

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