5 Outdoor Jobs That Pay Well

    This simple fact that you’re reading this suggests that you’re probably not the kind of person who likes to sit behind a computer screen 9-5pm Monday through Friday. You’re the kind of person who likes to get their hands dirty, breathe in the fresh air and enjoys physical work that gets you off your feet.

    We don’t blame you. Working an office job does have its upsides, but can certainly become tedious. Plus, doing work outdoors comes with plenty of health and mental benefits. Firstly, you don’t have to suffer the office chat which can be draining and you get to breathe in clean, healthy air.

    It goes without saying that those who are stuck in a ‘desk position’ i.e. typing on a computer all day, are more likely to suffer from back and neck problems. In fact, studies help to prove this point. In addition to that, a sedentary job can lead to weight gain, eye problems and headaches.

    Often, people choose the indoor job because it seems more practical or safer. The truth is, outdoor jobs can provide more satisfaction as well as a good pay check!

    Wildlands Firefighter


    Average Salary: $49,330

    If you’re risk averse and appreciate a bit of danger, then this job is for you. Although a similar job as the traditional firefighter, you will be dealing with forest and wild fires. As well as being outdoors, you’ll need a certain level of fitness and strength as there can be a lot of traveling and carrying heavy gear.



    Average Salary: $74,020

    When you ask people, not many actually really know what a geographer does. Essentially, a geographer studies areas of land and regions to observe things like the effects of climate change, weather patterns and landforms. Of course, there are other kinds of geographers, including cultural, urban and medical. You would need to study in order to become a physical geographer.



    Average Salary: $106,780

    If don’t want to work on land, then there are still fantastic outdoor jobs for you. In a sense, an oceanographer is similar to a geographer, studying and observing plant and animal life in marine environments. As part of this job, you can also expect to observe tidal patterns, currents and coastal erosion. This job doesn’t come easy though, typically requiring a degree in marine biology or a related subject.

    Landscape Architect


    Average Salary: $68,600

    As a landscape architect, you will be designing and creating green spaces, including parks, campuses and playgrounds. As part of their job, landscape architects also need to consider restoration and conservation of historical or natural areas which may be in danger from human activity. Further, you may need to work on activities like planning where to put roads, trees and buildings.

    Landscape Photographer


    Average Salary: $43,350

    The success of being a photographer and how much you earn correlates with your ability and talent. If you’ve got what it takes to stand out among a world of amateur photographers, then you can potentially earn a good income through magazine features, commissions and even advertising.

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