Photos: Hiking Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay and Pu’u Pia

    On a recent trip to visit family on Oahu, I completed two hikes: Pu’u Pia and Hanauma Bay Ridge. Pu’u Pia is located in the heart of Manoa Valley. This hike features lush greenery and tree-root-ridden trails. After hiking on a steady incline, the trail opens up at the top where hikers can look out over Manoa Valley and see all the way to Waikiki, Diamond Head, and the Pacific.

    Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail is located on the southeast side of Oahu and overlooks Hanauma Bay, Koko Head, and the Pacific. The trail is difficult to find initially, but leads to a paved trail with a moderately steep incline. Hikers can remain on the paved trail for beautiful 360 degree view or venture down the mountain on steep trails, not for the faint of heart.

    Check out photos from the two hikes below:

    Images by Sara Fritz

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