Explore Michigan’s Beauty at Tahquamenon Falls State Park

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    Lined with lakes and full of stunning forests, Michigan is a stunning place to explore. To experience the best that this state has to offer, visitors can visit Tahquamenon Falls State Park. A great destination during any season, this 20,000 acre park offers a series of rushing waterfalls, miles of trails, and a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

    Whether you are spending a day or a weekend at this park, you are sure to absorb some of the most breathtaking sites of this region.

    Hiking Tahquamenon Falls

    For the nature-loving day hiker, Tahquamenon Falls State Park is a dream destination. With several networks of trails, this park guides visitors through forest, rivers, and of course, waterfalls. With about 40 miles of hiking trails in total, you are sure to find a stretch that fits your preference.

    Once of the best ways to view the true biodiversity of this region is to hike the River Trail. This trail stretches about five miles between the upper and lower falls. As the name insists, the trail wanders along the river, as well as through wooded area. You can choose to hike the 10 miles there and back or take advantage of a shuttle bus that transports guests to the trailhead during certain times.

    Another impressive hike is the Giant Pines Trail. Take this four-mile hike to the Upper Falls, meandering through hardwoods along the way. You will also be treated to two giant pine trees, beautiful enough to inspire the trail’s name. Be sure to pause at the end to enjoy the striking upper falls. This impressive feature drops about 50 feet and stands at over 200 feet in width. The site and sound is sure to be humbling to any hiker.

    Boating And Recreation

    Michigan is known for its many lakes and rivers, and Tahquamenon Falls State Park is the perfect location to enjoy the water. Guests are able to rent kayaks to paddle around the river mouth or a row boat to boat to Lower Falls Island. More serious boaters can even rent a canoe and paddle the Tahquamenon River. This water escape allows you to pause and enjoy the serenity of the park.

    By spending time at Tahquamenon Falls State Park, you can soak in the beauty of the region and find gain a new appreciation for Michigan’s natural beauty.

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