SoundLogic XT Brick NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

SoundLogic XT Brick NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker | ActionHub

SoundLogic's mini bluetooth speaker offers great hands-free listening or talking.

Today, everyone is attached to their phones. They have become more than just a means of communication—they take photos, record video, hold our music, and keep us connected to the Internet at all times. But even the most advanced models can be limiting, which is why accessories are almost as important as the product itself.

Recently, I noticed that I needed a better way to listen to music sans headphones during my workouts. Sure, I could plug my phone into an iHome, but then if I want to change the song or adjust the volume, I have to pause my exercise to do so. Worst of all, if someone calls me, I have to rush to get to the phone before it stops ringing or else endure the annoyance of interrupted music.

So, when Interstate All Battery Center provided me with SoundLogic’s Brick NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, it seemed like the perfect solution.

I was immediately impressed by how many features were fit into such a compact and fashionable package. Currently available in blue or black, I loved that the bright blue color of my speaker was easy to spot. But the best part was that I didn’t have to make much room for it—the Brick fit nicely into an outside pocket of my gym bag while traveling, or even in my palm if I decided to carry it.

Remarkably, this tiny speaker has great sound quality. Not only is it crisp and clear, but the buttons on top of the speaker offered ease of control, allowing me to adjust the volume from just above a whisper to a decibel that drowned out the noise of a nearby outdoor playground. This was great when I took it biking because I was able to hear my music over the shifting gears and the sounds of the road that ran near the trail. It is marketed as a three-watt speaker, so this was relatively impressive.

What truly makes this speaker a cut above other models is its ability to answer phone calls. After all, Bluetooth technology is nothing new. Though we all love the ability to connect and listen, the Brick also makes it easy to talk, doubling as a hands-free speaker phone. The mini, built-in microphone allowed me to answer a phone call without interrupting my workout. When I was done, I could toggle back to my music by simply pressing the phone button on the top of the speaker.

The Brick holds a charge for about two hours, and the Li-ion battery is rechargeable with the provided USB cable. An LED light, which blinks during usage, alerts you to the charge of the battery.

Two rubber strips on the bottom of the unit keep the speaker firmly in place if set on a dashboard, or placed on a flat space on a fitness machine. This feature also ensures that the speaker stays standing even when it’s vibrating from a booming bass. For other situations, like hanging it off a bike handle or carrying it in your hand, a lanyard offers added security.

Though the Brick is portable in size and design, it is best for indoor use. Instructions for the Brick not only discourage exposing the speaker to any type of extreme condition, such as heat or cold, it also warns against dropping and moisture.

If you’re looking for an indoor workout companion, for $24.99, the Brick is a great option.

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