Women’s 2014 Newton Motion III Running Shoes

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    Newton's Motion III and the fifth lug.

    Forever seeking to push the limits, the 2014 line of running shoes from Newton looks impressive. This year, the very popular minimalist shoes have added a fifth lug to their speed and mileage models in order to create an even more responsive action/reaction shoe.

    It was this addition of an extra forefoot pad on Newton’s 2014 Motion III that first caught my attention. When you receive the shoe, you can actually see the pad protrude out from the rest of the sole. The company promises that this odd-looking add-on will forever prevent common runner’s ailments like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and sesamoiditis by lifting the foot and cushioning the metatarsal head.

    For first-time users, tread lightly. This addition will immediately change your form, causing you to rock a little further back on the foot until you get used to the extra padding. Taking these shoes out for a long run when I was not used to this feature caused me some unusual pain in my shins and soles the next few days. But, when I decided to ease into it with a shorter, smoother route, I found this feature to be a great asset.

    The rest of the shoe is true to Newton’s minimalist style. Made to fit snuggly, once I slipped them on, the shoes only needed a few minor adjustments and they fit like a glove. The upper is airy, to prevent sweating and allow your foot can breathe, but it also provides adequate protection from the elements. That said, these shoes aren’t made for winter running, as the design will not protect against the cold. But, if you like to run in the summer rain, your feet won’t get water-logged.

    The review found that the design was extremely comfortable, except for the tongue which provided minimal protection.

    The reviewer found that the design was extremely comfortable, except for the tongue, which provided minimal protection.

    The main complaint I had with the shoe was the tongue, which is a narrow, thin mesh and provided very little cushioning or protection. I am a harder-pounding runner who tends to almost over-tighten my shoes, so I found that without the help of the extra padding, the laces were cutting painfully into the tops of my feet after about five miles. Once I stopped and loosened the laces, I had less pain, but I would still warn users to wear thicker socks in order to prevent this problem.

    That being said, the aesthetics and overall design of the trainer are really impressive. Keeping with the neon craze, the color combination created a very modern look that was also practical, as Newton worked reflectors into the shoe to ensure visibility in the dark.

    Following another one of this year’s trends, most of the sole is comprised of a light, airy rubber that appears much thicker than the 2013 models. The result is an easier roll on the foot as you run. This shoe is also Newton’s first with no-sew overlays, meaning that the upper and interior of the shoe are free of stitching, and therefore unbelievably comfortable.

    Though I had some issues initially, the more I use these shoes the better they feel. I like the extra bounce that the fifth lug provides. That, combined with the light, airy design and snug fit, makes running in these shoes feel like running barefoot.

    Image courtesy Lauren Montemurri

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