CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome FK Snowboard

    CAPiTA's Defenders of Awesome FK.

    CAPiTA’s Defenders of Awesome FK. Image by Stewart Langner.

    CAPiTA, a Seattle-based company, has been making snowboards for the past 13 years. This year’s Defenders of Awesome FK (DOA for short) features some upgraded materials that make it a killer board. Sporting a new wax-infused, rotation-sintered speed base, it’s ready to blow past your slow friends in search of the best terrain the mountain has to offer.

    Don’t be afraid of the fancy sintered base—the DOA is ready to hit the park and test its durability, all while you step up your rail game. Also new are two carbon/kevlar load bars running the length of the board. These stringers provide more energy to load the board for monster ollies and act as a dampening agent for charging through the crud.

    The DOA is the brainchild of CAPiTA board designer Sean Tedore, who after years of being a pro snowboarder put his mechanical engineering degree from University of Nevada-Reno to use for something he loves. With CAPiTA’s Hybrid FK camber profile, the DOA delivers camber from binding to binding for powerful turns and extra support when hucking it in the park or off the trail. The camber transitions to flat in the nose and tail and is followed by a slight reverse-cambered section at the contact points. This provides predictability, float, and the all-around playfulness of a flat or reverse-cambered snowboard.

    Hybrid FK is a versitile camber profile, perfect for all mountain riding.

    Hybrid FK is a versatile camber profile, perfect for all mountain riding. Image courtesy CAPiTA.

    Featuring an eco-friendly RFC Sustainable Core, the DOA has a consistent single-species poplar core with no knots or finger joints. This creates the perfect medium flex for ripping all over the mountain. Not as soft as a noodle rail board but no uber-stiff plank, the DOA has an optimized flex and weight for both park and all-mountain freestyle riding.

    Los Angeles artist and madman Corey Smith returned for a second year to impart upon the DOA the best graphic in snowboarding. I mean who doesn't like girls in swimsuits with automatic weapons?

    Los Angeles artist and madman Corey Smith returned for a second year to impart upon the DOA the best graphic in snowboarding. I mean who doesn’t like girls in swimsuits with automatic weapons? Image by Stewart Langner.

    When you first lay eyes on the DOA, you know there is something up with its shape. With a squared-off, blunted nose and tail, the DOA features an elongated effective edge. What the %#*$ does that mean? Well, imagine the power and stability of a larger freeride board in a more manageable size that still remains fun and playful. Plus, it is a twin-board designed to devour everything—regular or switch.

    I was lucky enough to ride the DOA around the Northwest this winter, mostly Steven’s Pass and Timberline. I immediately noticed how stable it was while riding through chopped-up snow, but it was no plank and still had a freestyle heart. Through the park, the flat sections in the nose and tail led to smooth presses and slides, while the camber provided plenty of pop for hitting larger kickers. Powder days took a little while to adjust to because of the lack of total reverse camber. Once I dialed it in, the DOA was a blast to charge through the pow and provided a stable platform for blasting air off of natural features.

    The honest truth is that the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome FK is a great do-everything board. If you are looking for a one-board quiver, it doesn’t get better than this, at a price that won’t murk you wallet ($399.95) either. With a consistent poppy flex and versatile camber profile, it is perfect for a day of shredding around the mountain with friends, hitting the park, or bombing it through the trees and powder. And with a rad shape and graphics, it gets everyone stoked to snowboard and, most importantly, have fun.


    #staybadass. Image courtesy CAPiTA.

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