Eagle Creek Pack-It System

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    Eagle Creek's Pack-It Folder 18 is part of the Pack-It System that assists travelers in organizing the inside of luggage.

    Eagle Creek’s Pack-It System not only succeeded in creating every possible type of in-luggage storage one could think of, but the company geared these products toward outdoor enthusiasts who consider durable gear a necessity. Since 1975 when Eagle Creek was founded, the brand has stayed true to its original intention and has not attempted to design products in other areas of travel gear, but rather has placed its entire focus on travel luggage.

    The vision of perfecting adventure travel gear went from the outside in, forming packing systems that were part of the overall luggage, helping to organize belongings and utilize the space that was available inside each larger bag. I was first shown this system at last month’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the representative from Eagle Creek demonstrated the endless combinations of storage that were possible. The list is truly endless and is fantastic for the customization that each person needs based on where they will be traveling and what they will be doing on their trip.

    The Specter Compression Cube is one of the most versatile packing systems Eagle Creek offers.

    The Specter Compression Cube is one of the most versatile packing systems Eagle Creek offers and is offered in a set of two.

    I was able to test out both the Pack-It Folder 15 and the small version of the Specter Compression Cube, which are just two of the many packing products Eagle Creek offers. The folder is made for easy-folding of dress clothes or anything that needs to remain wrinkle-free. My immediate thought was that not only is this product made from durable materials that would benefit the outdoor industry, but professionals on business trips would find this to be amazingly useful. There are other products on the market that have a similar intention, but lack the space-saving qualities and well-made structure of the Eagle Creek Folder.

    While I was not packing dress clothes too often during my review period, I did find many uses for the Specter Compression Cube. From storing T-shirts to a beach towel to socks, the small version of this bag is perfect for many things, and because it’s so lightweight, it takes up very little space in your luggage. This bag would be my recommendation for people who have never used the Pack-It System but are looking to purchase a few starter items that are versatile in their use.

    Images by Ariel Black

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