Straitline Components All Mountain Pedal

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    AMP Pedal BlueThere are a lot of great MTB pedals on the market that cater to all types of riding styles. The AMP or “All Mountain Pedal” by Straitline Components fills in as a versatile platform pedal that down-hillers, cross-country riders, and dirt-jumpers can all enjoy. Smaller and slimmer than Straitline’s popular DeFacto model, the AMP offers a lightweight option for those who prefer flats but don’t want to sacrifice the trusty grip of clips. Though the pedals are a bit pricey, their bombproof yet simple design, combined with reliable traction, make them a wise choice for any MTB rider looking to lay down some serious miles on a wide variety of terrain.


    Size: 93 mm x 103 mm; height including pins: 24 mm; height of pins: 5 mm
    Weight: 324 g (with Cromoly axle) 272 g (with Titanium axle)
    Colors: Black, blue, red, gray, orange, green
    Price: $185 (Cromoly axle) $288 (Titanium axle)

    AMP Pedal Blue

    Image courtesy of Tree Fort Bikes

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