Cinch To Hang: The Eco-Friendly Outdoor Organizer

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    I was at a national conference a few weeks ago and came across this cool product. At first I walked right past the booth and then got to thinking and did a u-turn. Cinch To Hang is a new company and working to get their product noticed. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and effort of Mike Ay, the principle owner and promoter, and their well thought-out display. Their Cinch To Hang holds two patents so I know he has worked hard to get this product ready for marketing.

    What you have is an eco-friendly product that mounts four durable and strong plastic foldaway 2″ x 4″ hooks by a strap that can reach around a tree almost four feet in diameter for hanging just about anything up to 50 pounds. What you avoid are nails and spikes driven into the tree that cannot be removed, damage to the tree bark and breaking off branches for the convenience of having a place to hang items around the campsite. With the Cinch To Hang, nothing is left behind.

    The 1″ strap easily tightens and loosens to adjust the height at which you want to hang items. The fold-out hooks are designed to hold about anything and because they are smooth, no damage to your equipment will occur. When installed, the strap does not slip and your equipment safely hangs in a very organized way. The location of the strap on the top of the hooks also prevents the unit from turning under and allowing your equipment to slip off the hooks.

    This is a great item for backpacking and weighs in at less than four ounces. When folded and wrapped with the strap, you have
    a small lightweight block that can be easily stored or packed for use in the back country or at your favorite campsite. I used it to hang pots, pans, my day pack, jacket, shoes, water jug, and even my gun while in the marsh hunting. The possibilities are endless and once you get used to having the Cinch To Hang around you will find more and more ways to put it to good use.

    As an added incentive to buy this product, the manufacturers will provide a 15% discount to all who sign up on their website and order the product.


    Images by David Vaught

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