Coleman Signature Series Portable InstaStart Stove Oven

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    Coleman Signature Series Portable InstaStart Stove Oven | ActionHub

    Cooking, being in the outdoors, and attending sporting events are among my favorite pastimes. When I can do them all together, I am in heaven. While I enjoy cooking over a campfire, it’s not always practical—like in a stadium parking lot. The Coleman Signature Series Portable InstaStart Stove Oven is perfect for camping, hunting, tailgating or cookouts in the backyard.

    The instructions for assembly and usage were straightforward and easy to follow. Initial assembly took less than fifteen minutes and required installing handles and wind guards with a Phillips-head screwdriver. You will also need a 16.4 oz. disposable propane cylinder and one AA battery (if the stove oven gets wet, the igniter may not spark. In this instance, long matches would be necessary to light the burners).

    Once the stove oven was assembled, the most difficult task was getting the stove oven heat to the correct temperature. After I resolved this issue through trial and error, I was able to bake biscuits in the oven and fry eggs and sausage on the stove. The food turned out as well as if I had cooked it at home in the kitchen.

    To prevent a cooking mishap, I recommend that you try the stove oven at home in your backyard using the same recipes you will be using on your camping, hunting, or tailgating excursion. That way you will be able to determine what, if any, adjustments to time, equipment or ingredients are needed.

    Images by Billie McDaniels

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