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Hi-Tec Sports Sponsor Travel Writer, Alexandre Poussin, on 16-month Walking Trek

“Sonia and I always planned to make another trip after AfricaTrek. We couldn’t help ourselves. We get itchy feet! This time we’re even more excited to be sharing the experience with our children. They’ve grown up with this idea and we see it as an opportunity to show them another way of life. We hope they’ll also have a new sense of what they’re capable of physically. Our aim is to show them how beautiful this part of the world is but equally how we can also lend a hand.” - Alexandre Poussin

Hi-Tec Sports, the global sports and outdoor company, has announced a sponsorship of its Global Walking Brand Ambassador, Alexandre Poussin, and his family, as they make a 16-month trek by foot through Madagascar. The family are using Hi-Tec’s latest lightweight hiking range to make the 2,500km journey and will share their ‘MadaTrek’ on a dedicated Hi-Tec landing page, where viewers can experience the trip via photos, stories and videos alongside them. In 2001, Alexandre and his wife, Sonia, made a similarly impressive trip in Hi-Tec shoes, walking the length of Africa in three years and travelling over 14,000km.

Following three years of planning, Alexandre and his family departed their home in France on May 6 for Ambohipo, Madagascar. From there they continue their walk north, travelling with a zebu and cart for support. Alexandre and Sonia’s children, Phylaé, 6, and Ulysse, 9, will receive schooling en route and the family also plan to undertake work with numerous NGOs along the way.

Hi-Tec Sports believes that walking enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and in sharing the Poussin’s walk online the global outdoor company hopes to inspire others to lace-up and get outdoors.

As experienced walkers, Alexandre and Sonia dedicated time to choosing the best shoes for the trek, selecting Hi-Tec’s new V-LITE Nijmegen range and the Tucano range for Ulysse and Philaé.

Join Alexandre and his family online as they walk the length of Madagascar with Hi-Tec Sports at The site includes exclusive photos, stories and videos that will be updated regularly throughout the walk.


Keri Jamison
Terra Public Relations

Image courtesy Hi-Tec Sports

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