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SteriPEN Wins Guides Choice Award

Fast, Light, Easy and Cost Effective - the SteriPEN water purifier

After rigorous testing by professional mountain guides, SteriPEN is honored by the American Alpine Institute (AAI) with a 2014 Guides’ Choice Award.

The American Alpine Institute is recognized internationally as a world-class teaching and guide service. AAI’s staff is composed of some of the world’s most accomplished climbers, skiers, and mountain educators. Guides’ Choice Awards are given based on excellence in design, performance, and durability. The awards are presented each year at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah. AAI Field Testing indicates SteriPEN Freedom was tested over a 30-day period during which it purified water in La Paz and the Cordillera Real, Bolivia. “Conditions included glacial lakes, streams, outdoor wells, and city tap water.”

“I feel that this is a great product, especially in a time when fresh drinking water can be an issue,” says American Alpine Institute Guide and product tester, Chad Cochran. “The product allowed us to save countless plastic bottles being able to purify the water right out of the tap in La Paz then carried to the mountains and grant us clean water there. It was very easy to use.”

When asked what key factors he takes into consideration when awarding a Guides’ Choice, Cochran states, I look for things that are easy to use and durable both of which this product seems to exhibit.”

The Guides’ Choice was presented to Neil MacKay, SteriPEN President. “It is truly an honor to be recognized by this prestigious international organization. We are very pleased that the AAI appreciates the benefits of UV water purification compared to filtration and chemicals,” stated MacKay. “AAI field testing reinforces the effectiveness of the technology which consistently places SteriPEN at the top of the handheld water purifier market.”

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