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Nordica Personnel Changes and New Direction for the Brand

Personnel changes were announced at Nordica USA, as well as Tecnica Group USA, the parent of Nordica internationally.

Nordica President Willy Booker has accepted a new role as the CEO of Fischer Sports USA. “I am grateful to him for the hard work he put into building the team that we have now,” said Tecnica Group USA and Tecnica Group SpA CEO, Peter Weaver. Tecnica Group thanks him for his service in building Nordica’s reputation for quality, innovation and performance, and wishes him well in his new endeavor. More information about Nordica USA leadership roles is planned in the coming months.

Simultaneously, Weaver announced that the International Brand Manager for Nordica, Reto Rindlisbacher has resigned from his position effective August 1, 2014. His successor will be named later this summer.

These changes come as Nordica is completing a strategic exercise setting a new direction in brand positioning, Weaver explained. “We have seen erosion of Nordica’s market position in recent years and have been working aggressively to set the stage for the next generation of products, market initiatives and innovation in line with what our customers – both retail and consumer – expect. The results of these efforts will begin appearing later in 2014 and carry strongly into the coming years. There is a high level of enthusiasm within the Nordica team about this new direction and focus of the brand.”

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