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City of San Diego Bike Program to Use Tern Bicycles for Bike Facilities Assessment

City of San Diego Bike Program poses with fleet of Tern Bicycles.

The City of San Diego’s Bike Program, in the Transportation and Storm Water Department, just added a fleet of Tern Link P7i Bicycles to help with the implementation of bike facilities identified in the City’s new Bicycle Master Plan. The staff will use the bikes to get into the environment at street level to assess and document facility conditions, which is a key requirement as they design new and improve existing facilities. The bikes give staff the proper perspective on road conditions, street structure, space allocation, placement of signs, and cross visibility that was not as easy to achieve in a car or walking, and to access areas that cars are not allowed. Tern bicycles can be folded down to a compact size to be carried in city vehicles, buses, trains and trolleys to reach distant sites around the city, and be conveniently stored and readily accessible in the office.

Stylish, award winning Tern bicycles are known for delivering a full-sized bike ride in a foldable solution. Their component selection and seamless integration of features stand out over other general transit bike and folding bike brands at the same price point.

Brian Genovese and Tom Landre with the City’s Bike Program helped spearhead this initiative for their department. “These bikes put us in the very environment we are working on, we can quickly get across town to assess sites and provide system support, and we’re also able to cover more distance than we could before,” said Genovese.  “The Tern bikes will enable us to accomplish a major new effort of photo documenting routes for cross-department planning and management something we just couldn’t do efficiently any other way.”

Immediately after delivery of the Tern Link P7i bikes, staff members attached cameras to the handlebars and completed a route assessment and data capture on the way back to the office on a street that is in the upgrade planning phases.

“We worked with the city to select the best Tern models suited to their needs. This fleet is ready to roll for all types of riders and conditions, and is perfectly equipped with virtually maintenance free, easy-to-use internal gearing, fenders, rear carry rack with strap, hub generated front and rear lights, adjustable reach handlebar stem, an integrated pump and a bell,” said Elayne Fowler, Phinelli Group: Tern Partnership Programs and Fleet Sales Agent.

Image courtesy Tern Bicycles

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