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    Here’s the Wake Park World Series Schedule for 2017

    Cable park wakeboarding has been enjoying extraordinary growth in recent times and there are parks popping up all over the place. This year, the Wake Park World Series (WPWS) will have five stops on three different continents. With the biggest ever wake park prize payout up for grabs (a whopping $145,000), we’re set to see a remarkable tour.

    Guenther Oka, the defending Wake Park World Series champion, explained: “This is the biggest competitive arena in cable wakeboarding, and the level of riding is just so insane you don’t know what to expect”.

    We’ll see the tour kicking off in Texas at the end of July and come to a conclusion in Thailand, late November. Here are the dates you need to know:

    2017 WWA Wake Park World Series

    Stop 1 – Nautique WWA Wake Park National Championships 
    BSR Cable Park
    Waco, Texas
    July 27-30

    Stop 2 – California Wake Park Open
    Velocity Island
    Woodland, California
    August 11-12

    Stop 3 – Wakeboard Portugal Pro (Features only, two towers) 
    Wakeboard Portugal Resort
    Cable Lago Azul – Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal
    August 26-27
    (MTV Lake Party August 26th)

    Stop 4 – Nautique WWA Wake Park World Championships 
    CamSur Watersports Complex
    Naga, Philippines
    September 29 – October 1

    Stop 5 – TWP Korat Open
    TWP Korat
    Korat City, Thailand
    November 25-26

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