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    Watch: Jackson Hole Moose Chases Snowboarder

    Moose Chases Snowboarder | ActionHub

    As pretty as they may look, moose can be dangerous. And fast. Scott Askins and friends found this out recently while snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

    Moose no like front boards. 🏂 @ricky_bates 🎤 @damnskippymusic wait for it. 💀💀

    A video posted by Scott Askins (@scottafoto) on

    Moose are certainly common in the area, but you’re usually unlikely to get uncomfortably close to one like in this incredible video. Fortunately for the group of snowboarders, the moose decided to give up the chase.

    However, for a few worrying seconds, it was coming at them quickly and managing to keep up.Moose attacks are not often fatal in the US but they do account for multiple injuries each year. They will try to avoid human interaction, but if provoked they will attack. This moose obviously felt threatened enough to make a move.

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