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    Photos: Before and After: 2,000 Hard Miles on the Appalachian Trail

    Reddit user garmachi recently shared photos of himself from before and after he hiked the Appalachian Trail. According to his replies, his hike spanned from May 10, 2014 to October 9, 2014.

    In one reply, he wrote, “The last 400 or so miles require a surprising amount of upper body work. The Whites of New Hampshire and pretty much all of Maine are so steep and boulder ridden that a hiker can spend a few hours each day climbing in addition to walking. Plus, let’s not forget that I didn’t do this (entirely) in my underpants. I carried a pack that weighed 20-30 pounds.”

    Photos on the left are before, right are after.

    AT Hiker 1


    AT Hiker 2

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