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Video: Man Discovers “Coolest Sound Ever” in Nature

Williams, after hearing the "coolest sound ever."

In August, YouTuber Cory Williams and his girlfriend, Kristen packed up their lives in Los Angeles and made a move to Anchorage, Alaska. As someone who has established a career by uploading humorous videos—as well as doing freelance writing, media consulting, and acting—Williams transitioned his skills into a series of YouTube videos called “Living in Alaska.”

The series provides viewers with everything from Williams’ first time seeing snowfall to a recap of the weirdest laws in Alaska. A recent video shows Williams and Kristen heading out to explore a partially-frozen lake, but they end up discovering what he calls the “coolest sound ever” that nature has to offer.

While we may not agree that this is hands down the “coolest sound ever,” it is pretty surprising, and his childlike reaction to the finding doesn’t hurt either.

Check out the video below to hear the sound for yourself:

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