Video: Lego Mountain Biking

    Once again, Oxburger studio’s mastermind Devon Brown asks us to rethink our Legos’ action sports abilities. Last year, the Canadian filmmaker brought us Lego Freeskiing, a one-minute taste of backcountry skiing in the Lego world.

    In his newest stop-action short-film, Brown artfully rethinks the use of that little red bike. Taking it out of the city, Brown’s main character masterfully hits ramps and turns, even performing 360s and a classic Superman move in order to impress an admiring photographer, voiced by YouTube comedian Matt Dennison. Of course, to the envy of bikers everywhere, he gets great air and doesn’t wipe out once. Unfortunately, his skills don’t seem to be too appreciated.

    Check out this clever look into the art of mountain biking, set to the upbeat music of Portugal. The Man:

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