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    Video: New Haven Trials Session

    EpicTV recently released the fourth episode in the second season of Summer Sessions, which features stunt rider Mike Steidley showing off his talents during a ride around his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut. The footage was captured following the rider’s win at the 12th National Trials Championship.

    While New Haven is the ideal spot for trials riders, it’s the police and security guards who pose problems for the athletes. “We had the police called more times than I can count on this shoot,” Steidley said. “Sometimes they will even make you wipe your memory card and that is horrid.”

    Despite the authorities, the rider and film crew pressed on. To train, Steidley rides for two hours five days a week, in addition to two days at the gym, but said this riding session was focused on winding down from the competition and just having fun,

    Check out the video below:

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