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Olympia Expands into Outdoor Industry with Flashlights, Solar Chargers

All of Olympia's products were made to work together, providing a complete resource for outdoor survival gear.

Power, lighting, and communication—those are the focuses of outdoor gear brand Olympia. “The Olympia brand has been around for over 100 years,” said Product and Brand Marketing Manager John Register. “We started out in Europe as a typewriter and office supply company, and the brand still exists over there in that area—so people know us from that, but the real focus of our brand today is outdoor products.”

I was able to catch up with Register during this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market to learn about Olympia, which just launched in the outdoor space about a year ago. With everything from solar chargers to flashlights to two-way radios, the brand provides what you’ll need from a survival standpoint when it comes to the outdoors. Check out a rundown of the new, rugged products for this year below:


There are eight high-performance flashlights within the brand, which range from 160 to 850 lumens. Each model features Cree LED technology and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a Type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasion finish. There are five light settings on each, including strobe and SOS. Each flashlight is waterproof and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. The most powerful flashlight, the RG850, features a built-in battery charger that allows the 18650 Li-ion battery to be charged within the flashlight. It retails for $89.99.


The Olympia EX Headlamp series includes four models, which range from 80 to 550 lumens. Some of the headlamps feature hands-free activation, smooth dimming control, focus control, a pivoting head, and a lock-out function to decrease battery drain. Some of the models have a rear battery pack with a red light for safety (EX230, EX100, EX080), which is ideal for running, biking, etc. The most powerful is the EX550, which retails for $69.99.

Two-Way Radios

There are three models of two-way radios and each of them are waterproof and include 50 channels, NOAA weather alerts, as well as additional features. The most powerful is the R500, which includes an LED flashlight and floats—perfect for water—and retails for $99.99. The R100 and R300 include a micro-USB charging port. These radios will be available in September 2014.

Lithium Batteries

The line of lithium batteries launched during Outdoor Retailer, and includes CR123A Lithium, 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable, and 16340 Li-ion Rechargeable cells. They will retail for $9.99 (two pack), $7.99 (one pack), and $8.99 (one pack), respectively. They will be available in October 2014.

Olympia offers two floodlights, the FL450 and the FL970.

Olympia offers two floodlights, the FL450 and the FL970.

Solar Chargers

The brand will also offer two versions of solar chargers. The SB5500 is a hybrid Lithium rechargeable battery and solar panel—the battery has 5500mAh of capacity and is ideal for charging smartphones. The solar panel generates 5.5 volts of power and recharges the battery in sunlight. This solar charger will retail for $59.99. The SP56 Solar Pack is a 100-percent solar device that puts out 5.6 watts of power. It has two built-in USB ports that will charge smartphones, iPads, etc. The SP56 comes with a weather-resistant, micro-fiber case and will retail for $79.99, beginning in October 2014.


The Wilderness Series LED Lanterns will be also be released in October, featuring two models. The WD650 will put out 650 lumens and has four different light settings, a micro-USB port, and 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable battery. It is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum with a Type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasion finish. It will retail for $79.99. The other option is the WD120 lantern, which has 120 lumens and three light settings.

Portable Floodlights

There are two models of floodlights offered by the brand, the first of which is the FL450—five watts and 450 lumens. The second is the FL970—10 watts and 970 lumens. Both come with Rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The FL970 will retail for $79.99.

To learn more, check out the Olympia website.

Images courtesy of Olympia/Trailblazing Public Relations

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