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Video: BMX Star Drew Bezanson in ‘The Next Thing’

Anyone who knows Drew Bezanson will speak of his passion for BMX, a fact that’s never been more obvious than while watching this latest video release for Fox Head. The five-minute film gives a brief glimpse into Bezanson’s world, a place where BMX reigns king. Even when he’s off the track, he lives and breathes the sport, always prepared to push the limits.

Whether he’s flying through the air, spinning handle bars, wheels, or the entire bike as he flips upside down, the tricks that Bezanson completes with apparent ease are unbelievable. Almost all of the film shows him hitting jumps and testing tricks, always seeking to go just a little higher.

“I’ve never been content with what I’ve done,” Bezanson says in the video. “I’m psyched at the moment, but then I’m like, ‘Ok what’s next? How much further can I go?’”

Check out his amazing skills in the short film below:


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