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Video: Six-year-old Breaks “Limbo Skating” World Record

Thanks to an interview released last week on Barcroft TV, a six-year-old prodigy is putting a new extreme sport on the map. Limbo skating, or roller limbo, amps up the traditional limbo dance by asking competitors to strap on skates. In a stance resembling a split-on-wheels, athletes like Gagan Satish flatten themselves to just centimeters above the ground and try to skate as far and as fast as they can. They then slide underneath sticks, glass sheets, or in this case, cars.

Born in Bangalore, India, Satish has been perfecting his limbo skating ever since his parents bought him his first pair of skates at the ripe old age of three. Recently, the kid wonder has been making headlines because of his successful attempt to pass beneath 39 cars in under 29.8 seconds. He is still waiting to hear whether the feat earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out his amazing abilities in the video below:

Video courtesy Barcroft TV on YouTube

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