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    Videos Document Hawaii’s Illegal Water Slide

    Some call it the world’s largest slip-n-slide, but in actuality this man-made reservoir was created for other purposes. The Waimanalo Water Reservoir, managed by the Agricultural Resource Management Division of the Maunawili Ditch System, was originally built to improve irrigation for the town of Waimanalo on the island of Oahu. But, as more and more people stumble upon the man-made marvel, it has become a popular destination for islanders and tourists alike.

    People show up daily to slide down on their boogie boards, surf boards, or just their stomachs, with little regard to the signs and barbed wire fence in place to keep them out—put up to prevent this type of activity.

    The main reason for caution has to do with the plastic tarps used to create this enormous water slide. Some sliders have received severe cuts from the seams of the lining, with a commenter on a video posted on StormTracker 13’s Facebook urging users to think twice after he received injuries from the slide that left him paralyzed.

    Even if you’re willing to take the risk, another commenter who works at the Reservoir said that because of high water levels, sliding down these black tarps is a thing of the past.

    Either way, there is plenty of footage to watch—just search the Waimanalo Reservoir on YouTube. Watch one of the most popular videos below, or check out the video from StormTracker 13 that has been causing all the stir.

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